Layer Slider

3.2. Animations Settings

Last updated: Fri Jan 04 2019

Slide Animations are applied to the slide's main background image (or video poster/cover) when the slide appears into view.

You can select multiple animation using slide animations option, then enter Slot/Box amount, Easing in and Easing out effect.

Slide Animations: you can select one or more animations from existing list then it will random apply for background images

Slot/Box amount: Represents the number of “pieces” the image is divided into for these animations. Applicable to animations from the “Slots And Boxes”, “Curtain” and “Premium Transitions” animations

Easing In / Easing Out

Easing In: The easing applied when the background animates into view.

Easing Out: The easing applied when the background animates out of view (on slide change).

“Easing” is what gives a web animation that “real life” type of movement. Choose between over 35 options to see which one you like best.

The most commonly used options are “Power2.easeOut”, and “Power3.easeOut”.