Layer Slider

3.4.1. Text/HTML

Last updated: Mon Jan 07 2019

You can add some regular text or HTML markup to be used in the layer's content

Layer Styles

Width/Height: System will auto set width/height of layers be default. You can add your custom value if needed.

Left/Top: The possible value can be left/center/right (for Left), top/center/bottom (for Top) or any number

H-Offset/VOffset: It basically moves the element away from its original position. If you want to move the element up a bit, you set H-Offset: 10; so it moves it away from the bottom by 10px.

These options will be appeared when the value of Left/Top is one of left, center, right, top, or bottom

Content: You will add layer content in this textbox, you can add some regular text or HTML markup for your content.

Font: The Google fonts will be used in the DrupalExp slider, you can select the font for your content in the existing font list then you also can set font style, font size, font line-heightm text color for the content

Padding: You can apply custom padding for text/HTML layer

Custom class: You you can your custom css classes for text/HTML layer

Custom CSS: This property help you to add your custom inline style for the text/HTML layer

Layer Animations

You can select animation, speed, start time and Easing for start/end effects as you can see in the image above

Layer Action

Layer Behavior

Responsive: Choose to make the layer responsive by default (layer will resize when slider resizes).

Align: Layer Alignment is particularly useful for when using Full Width slider, as sometimes you want your content to align to the sides of the screen as opposed to your slider’s “Layers Grid” size.

In the following example, the layer has a “top left” alignment, with an “Offset X” of 115px and an “Offset Y” of 65px.