Drupal 8 Jollyness

5.9. Fact Counter

Last updated: Sat Feb 16 2019

Counter shortcode is using for creating a facts counter on page or block


Title: Title for stats element

Icon (optional): choose icon which you want to use with stats elements.

Font Size (optional): You can set the font size for the selected icon

Counter Number: is a target number which you want to run. You can add some setting for the number using Number Settings option

Duration: is time run from "0" to "number".

Prefix: You can add a prefix text for the number. For example, $, USD...

Suffix: You can add a suffix text for the number. For example, /month, /year...

Decimal Format: Select the decimal format for the decimal number

Class (optional): custom class for element. Nation along with pre-define class border-icon

Video demo