Drupal 8 Jollyness

5.11. Carousels

Last updated: Sat Feb 16 2019

This element is built based on the Slick js slider library. Which can help you to build an carousels like this

The element including a wrapper shortcode and an inner item shortcode

Carousels wrapper shortcode

General Attributes:

Auto Play: If this option is selected, the carousels sliders will automatically transition

Transition Duration: The slide transition duration in miliseconds

Slide to scroll: The sliders to move when clicking on the control

Infinite Loop: If this option is selected, when clicking Next control while on the last slide will transit to the first slide and vice-versa

Carousel Settings

Responsive support, this setting help to config the number of item you want to show on each type of device.

Controls Settings

You can set to show/hide the control buttons and slider pager

Custom Class: You can add your custom class using this option