5.8. Google Map shortcode

Last updated: Sat Feb 16 2019

Gmap shortcode

Gmap shortcode support creating a google map with multiple marker.

If you have a own key, you can change it from at Gmap API key field in Builder Settings

To create a google map, the first, you must create a Gmap wrapper

Gmap Attributes

Height: set height of map.

Zoom Level: is magnifications of map.

Class: add custom class to google map wrapper

Custom Style: add custom style to google map, it can be silver or dark map...

After creating Gmap wrapper. Now you can add multiple Map maker into Gmap

Map maker Attributes

Title: title display on marker when user click on it.

Address: address which you want to you on google map

Longitude: is longitude of marker in map.

Latitude: is latitude of marker in map.

Icon (optional): choose icon which you want to override icon show on maker of Google