2.2.1. Install e-Commerce

Last updated: Thu Jan 10 2019

Installing Composer

You need Composer to be installed on your local machine before executing any Composer commands. Please see Getting Started on to install Composer itself. If you are allowed to install Composer globally, do so as there is no benefit of having one Composer installation per user/project.

Downloading Commerce module

After get composer installed, locale to root folder of Drupal site then run the command bellow:

composer require drupal/commerce

That command will download commerce module and all require libraries and module modules (Address, Entity, State Machine, Inline Entity Form, Profile)..

Installing DrupalExp Nation Commerce module

Login to Drupal site, click on Extends menu item on Admin toolbar or navigate to then enable DrupalExp Nation Commerce module. This action will install all require modules and create default config/views etc..