Evolve - Drupal 7

Featured Box

Last updated: Thu Jan 03 2019

We can create a featured box quickly by using syntax as below:

[box align="left|right|center" border ="yes|no" background="yes|no" icon="ICON" title="TITLE"]CONTENT HERE[/box]

Properties description

  • title: freature box title
  • align: box align, the possible value: left, right, center
  • border: possible value: none, square, circle
  • icon: Font Awesome class
  • background: possible value: yes, no
  • class: small-box no-content, hover-bg-color, border-bottom, border-color, box-bg-dark, box-style2, box-style3, box-style4, YOUR-CUSTOM-CLASS

You can reference to link to view how shortcode display