Evolve - Drupal 7

Blog Configuration

Last updated: Thu Jan 03 2019

The Drupalexp Blog module of Evolve theme provides 4 viewer styles for blog page. You can use any media such as image, vimeo or youtube video in this page.

  • Timeline blog: this is hot new style
  • Large Image blog
  • Medium blog
  • Slider blog

Blog Settings tab in Appearance → Settings → evolve menu allows you choose a default blog style when accessing to blog page. (http://yoursite.com/blog

By accessing to Structure → Content types → Article → Manage Display → View mode name (Ex: Blog Timeline). You can customize style of blog page such as re-order field to change the way to show content or put a field to hidden to hide it in blog page.

Additional, to manage blog categories, go to Structure → Taxonomy → Blog Categories menu to add new item or modify it.